A bit about the Thappattam

Thappattam showcases the rich heritage of tamilnadu’s musical history and folk music. It is the very first instrument which produced sound and is being used still. Thappu is a 1 and half feet diameter round instrument and thickness of 3 inches, made of bull’s leather and widely used in tamilnadu, Andhra and few parts of Kerala and Karnataka. Two sticks are used to play the upper parchment of the instrument. It is popular for more than 4000 years in tamilnadu .It is used as an integral part of all festivals in tamilnadu and all social activities. It is famous for its rigid and loud sound, and the loud sound is produced by heating the instrument in bond fire . Thappattam is a very unique instrument and there is no other instrument similar to its legacy.In a team of 10 people, there will be 8 thappu , 1 kottu , and 1 thalam.

Thappattam has gained huge popularity in recent times and contemporary era where it is used widely in many dance forms, social activities, formative dance and many other activities

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  • Stalwarts

    Mr Velu ,alanganallur -20 members male team. Mr John Milton, Rameswaram-15 member’s male and female team. Prakash, Pondicherry -10 member male team Have played an important role in the upliftment of thappttam. Usage Thappattam has gained huge popularity in recent times and contemporary era where it is used widely in many dance forms, social activities, formative dance, events, Indian cultural programs, educational institutions, cultural nights , festivals.It is mostly organised in star hotels in relation to corporate events. History has come back to life due to the efforts of certain people like velu, johnMilton, prakash , where the form has received good accolades throughout the world.Thappattam has the uniqueness of being a dance form with a person who acts both as the dancer and the instrumentalist. These performances are offered during temple festivals and other functions. The performances last for many hours when performed in temples. We request you to provide us a good platform in your events so that it reaches every nook and corner of the cultural world

  • History

    Thappattam is also known as paraiattam in Tamil literature – parai meaning messanger. This instrument is used in old ages for declaration and announcement for gathering the public by mostly all kings of South India. Freedom fighters have also used this instrument for messages to deliver to the public. This instrument has an intense effect in worshipping God as it has a strong effect in the spiritual side of the people. Tamilnadu govt also uses this instrument often to announce messages in various across the state, and to announce natural calamities. This art of instrument music was revived by a village called Vadipatti near Madurai, which is famous for Thappattam. They introduced trendy and contemporary music along with dance forms with thappattam which is gaining recognition all over the world. Men wear dhotis and ladies wear colourful saris and dance in effortless fashion to the tunes of the drum beats. Leather is being used only ramanathapuram district and Madurai district, where as fibre is used in all other places where it is used

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